Yarn in wrong place after provisional cast on

I’m knitting a raglan sweater in the round from the bottom up. I’m now making the divisions for sleeves. Pattern says to leave ten stitches on scrap yarn for the underarm gusset, which I’ve done. Then pattern says to cast on 40 sts using provisional cast on, and then work the stitches across the back. Am I supposed to knit the provisional cast on stitches to get the yarn in the right place so I can work the sts across the back? I’ve checked two patterns using this technique and no one says I’m supposed to knit the prov cast on sts right after making them, or is this just supposed to be understood?
Thank you!

I’ve done the provisional CO on a hat, but you did have to knit those stitches right away. I can’t quite picture how you are doing this, but if you knit across will the yarn be in the right position? If so then I say go for it!