Yarn in Abu Dhabi

I am in Abu Dhabi for the holidays and was hoping to get some local yarn. However I am beginning to think it doesn’t exist. Anybody kno where I can buy ANY yarn here?

Are you staying with family/friends who live there - can they help you? Are you in a hotel - can the staff there help any?

I googled ‘Abu dhabi knitting yarn shop’ and found this blog of a woman who lives & knits in that city. Maybe you can read thru it and discover where she gets her yarn.

Good Luck!

Just browsing that blog, it seems you might be out of luck. From the blog:

“The Knit Picks website is a bit of a one stop shop. I have yet to find a yarn shop in the U.A.E, I can’t even find a shop that sells buttons, so I have to buy all my supplies online. For this reason, Knit Picks is convenient. They have a wide range to cover a lot of projects.”

Yeah, I found that blog as well. Was hoping things had changes - as things change here quite quickly. I am just visiting with my parents for the holidays. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to find something else to spend my money on! hehe! That won’t be too difficult!