Yarn ideas for fluffy beanie!

Hi! I was watching this youtube video and fell in love with this beanie:

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for yarn I could use to get a similar texture and color for a beanie? I love that it’s kind of fluffy and I’ve never seen any yarn that I can think of to use for this so any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Here’s a link to the video too if my screenshots aren’t great at showing the beanie :slight_smile:

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Shibui Knits Silk Cloud would be a good choice, but it’s lace weight and I don’t know what weight yarn is called for in this pattern.

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In the natural fibres, you can get that kind of effect with the addition of kid mohair, angora or alpaca. Angora is quite expensive and not very common, and alpaca does not always give a fluffy effect, so I’d look for kid mohair content.

At the moment, lots of companies have a kid mohair silk blend in the same colours as their plain wools so that you can hold a strand of each to get a lovely warm and fluffy effect.

I am not quite sure what thickness of yarn the beanie is in. It looks fairly thick, but I think that is because the band is folded up into a triple layer.

Have you tried asking the person who made the video via a YouTube comment, or checking to see whether she has a Ravelry or Instagram account, where you may find details for the hat?


Thanks so much! These are great suggestions and I will definitely look into them :slight_smile:

I did try searching Ravelry with no luck, but asking through a comment is also a great idea I’ll follow up on!

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Another thought would be Knit Picks Wonderfluff…