Yarn holder on ebay...here's your chance!

Hey guys! I know several of you have been interested in the yarn holders that I collect. Well, there is one available that is exactly like the one lonnie recently surprised me with: (not a very good photo, it’s very GORGEOUS in real life!) It’s not listed in a knitting or craft category, so other knitters arent’ aware of it, if you are interested, you can find it right here and it’s a US made item, the shipping is reasonable since it doesn’t have to fly or float over an ocean.
FYI, this one is larger than most that you see, this one can easily hold 2 balls of sock yarn (slit on the top and a hole on each end) or a nice size cake of yarn. Gotta say, if it were any color other than red, I wouldn’t be sharing the news with ya, I’d be all over it for me…yeah, being all stingy and everything…and ya’ll so know that’s out of character for me:wink:
GO…LOOK…BID…ya know ya wanna:teehee:

Thanks for the heads up! Not sure if I will bid on it but with 4 days left and since I am watching it, I might!