Yarn help

I’m knitting a baby blanket and on the rows I have to purl stiches my yarn keeps unwinding and losing the twist any idea why this is or how to prevent it from happening? I pretty much have to just drop the yarn while doing those stiches and pick it up to stitch if I hold it around my fingers is when is unwinds

That happens with some yarns, or it may be the way you make the sts. Try learning to thread the yarn through your fingers and not drop and pick it up.

its when i have it thread through my fingers that it unwinds but only on the purl stitches if i leave it thread through it unwinds and i have to take whats left and spin it until it rewinds, but I’m almost done with the blanket so I’ll probably just make do

I knit a little girl’s “ponchette” and used yarn that misbehaved, too! It was a nightmare, really. But I did what you’re doing…just kept babying it along til I was done. I never used that yarn again. Ever.

This is what it did as I knit any stitches, knits or purls:

I’ve run into that problem with some cotton yarns. The yarn will loosen up & the strands will unravel. If I catch it when I make my gauge swatch, I cast on in the reverse manner. With the loose end of the long tail held in the opposite position, thumb or forefinger. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter how I cast on. But with a few it does. Then I try to knit in the direction of the twist in the yarn. So it tightens up, vs unravels, as I work.