Yarn Help

ok I need some help. I bought this yarn to make something for my sis as her favorite color is purple. The thing is the yarn was a bag of mill ends so there was no label. Now if anyone can help me, what type of yarn is this? and what could I make her with it? I was thinking a nice lap blanket for laying on the couch watching tv in the winter (it gets darn cold up here is Saskatchewan) Any help would be great.

Have you tried yarndex.com? They are a great resource, and you can search by color, weight, composition, and type of yarn, e.g. boucle.

It looks like a chenille or boucle of some sort. To find the fiber compostion, do a Google search for burn test.

Whatever it is, it would be great for a throw. Don’t try anything fancy though, either stockinette or rib, maybe a moss/seed stitch. Because of the texture, a textured pattern won’t show up.


Here’s where you can find that burn test: