Yarn Help please

My husband is a strange one and now that I’ve started knitting he wants a Dr. Who scarf. I figure if I start now, he’ll have it in 2007.

The instructions I have call for 8 ply (DK) wool. What is DK? I’ve seen that on other patterns, too. Is that just worsted weight yarn?


DK- Double Knitting weight yarn. Slightly finer than worsted weight.

Ok now who is this Dr Who? This is now the second time I’ve heard of him on a knitting forum with someone making his scarf for a husband :?? Is he geek related?

Thanks! First another question then, would worsted weight work you think? I’ve only ever seen sports weight and baby yarn, both seem REALLY small.

As for Dr. Who, it was a British sci fi series about Dr. Who, a time traveling quirky man, that ran from the early 60’s to about 1990. There were several actors who portrayed Dr. Who, but the most famous was the fourth doctor, Tom Baker – the one with the scarf. It’s an INCREDIBLY long striped scarf. (My favorite doctor was the 7th – Sylvester McCoy)

It’s a cult classic, and I hear they are revamping it into a new series. Should be interesting.

DK is a specific weight of yarn. It is finer than worsted. Your LYS should have it, but I have never seen it at wal-mart or even JoAnn. So your husband wants a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf? You can substitute worsted weight yarn. That scarf is just stockinette stitch in a series of different colored panels. It would take very little math to change it into worsted. It would knit up faster and be cheaper to make. But that’s just my bias…
For Nuno: “Dr. Who” is an extremely long-running science fiction television program brought to us by the British Broadcasting Co. It started in the sixties, I believe and kept going for many years through many changes of the lead actor, all of whom were playing the same lead character. My favorite was Tom Baker, who wore a very long, multi-colored scarf. Hence, Twiggy’s question. This is classic Sci Fi. You would be amazed by the number of hits if you google it.

I may be wrong but I think a lot of the patterns for the Dr. Who scarf are from the U.K., and in the U.K., DK weight yarn is the equivalent to US worsted weight.

BTW, Nuno, here is a link to the pattern which has a picture of the Doctor and both of his scarves.


Thanks everyone for the help on this!