Yarn help - more specifically Wool

I have made a scarf with yarn that had some wool in it. I found that it drove me nuts.

Does all wool do that? Does it all feel itchy? I know wool is not itchy on all people, but I am not sure if all wool feels itchy.

Does this make sense.

I will try to find out what % was the yarn I used before.

There are wools that are terribly scratchy, and some that are wonderfully smooth–like Merino (most of the time). Some people are particularly sensitive to it. Your best bet will be to go to a shop that carries different kinds of wool and feel around.

I agree with Ingrid – you could be sensitive to wool, or the wool could’ve just been really scratchy. Some wools are like buttah. :lol:

You can take a piece of wool yarn and wear it around your neck like a necklace for a little while to see if it’s going to bother you.

This method is how I knew that I didn’t want to make a scarf out of Manos.

I think that if you have a true wool sensitivity/allergy, even the softest wool is irritating. My sister is like that…even MMMMalabrigo (gasp!) irritates her. :wink: