Yarn Held Double

You know how Knitters like to make things harder than they need to be? Well, hence this question. “Hold Yarn double throughout” does literally mean to use two strands of yarn from two seperate balls, right? :oops:



Ive decided to knit my Rug from aich-ee-double-hockey-sticks the same way, as it will turn out thicker. I also knit my first scarf the same way with wool & fun fur.

Its not hard.

and it doesn’t have to be from 2 seperate balls either… I usually pull out the center strand and combine it with the outside strand; since I don’t have a fancy yarn-holder-bracelet-thingy like amy does, I jab my left hand through the center of the ball and hang the yarn on my wrist; works very well.

Aren’t you afraid you’ll get STUCK, Hilde?? :shock:

nah i like being all wraped up at the wrists like that :twisted:


I think I need to either go back to bed, or have a second cup of coffee. It took me three times of reading that before I got it. :oops: :rofling: