Yarn has snapped mid row. crisis! panic1

I am makin some last minute socks for my grandad following Silvers sock tutorial and Rowan handspun 4 ply.

all was going well, i was aproaching inch 7 of the ankle when the yarn snapped. problem was im not talking about my working yarn (thats happened twice now and i’ve dealt with it ok minus some screaming and ranting).
this time the yarn has snapped on the stitches i was about to work which where on the left needle. I put the right needle in to do a knit stitch and SNAP the loop broke and the remaining stitches on the left needle have now unravelled down to the row before and i am left with broken yarn flappng around on the row BENEATH the row im working on. how do i fix this. Will i have to frog back to that row, rejoin the yarn and continue. i’ve never gotten the hang of picking up stitches after i’ve frogged and i don’t want to frog the whole thing (again). :frog:
help help help help help help help help help (sorry just a bit of mild knitting anxiety):gah:

i’m calm now. honest. but any suggestions or tips?

I"ve never had that happen - but if it were me, yes, I’d frog back the row.

It sounds like you think you should pull the needles out and unravel the yarn, then pick up the stitches. I would definitely NOT recommend that! Just knit backwards around the row and unknit each stitch. It takes longer while you are doing it, but you won’t have to pick up all the loops around the whole row so in the long run it is much faster.

Just take your time.
Good Luck!!

Ouch. Personally I rarely pull out the needle(s) and frog back to the row I want to re-start from (I lose stitches and sometimes add stitches that way). In most situations like Mirl56 suggested I reverse knit or knit backwards, that way I am more assured of catching all the stitches I need to accurately proceed on with my knitting. However, if it is a simple pattern you might want to use the lifeline method. This method is explained in the tips section (under fixing mistakes) of this web site under the view videos tab at the top of the page. Or you can try this link: [U]http://www.knitty.com/issuesummer07/FEATsum07KLM.html[/U] Good Luck, HTH.


I’d reverse knit as well to that point. So much safer (for me) than frogging. Frogging only gets done if there are rows and rows to do, not just one row.

Kindly elaborate on “reverse knit” and “froging”.

Thanks from Tamar and all the others who’ve yet to learn these knitting terms.

Frogging is ripping out, you’d do it for several rows or the whole piece, but not for just one row. Reverse knit is just that - reverse your knitting, taking the stitches out one by one.

thanks guys, i dont know why i didnt consider tinking. i usually do, perhaps because it ends up being almost 2 rounds with the place its snapped in. but now im calm and i’ve had some wise words from you guys it makes perfect sense. thank you.