Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf

This was such a quick knit and I love how this yarn worked up. It’s Universal Yarn’s Tapestry. 80% Acrylic and 20% wool and is SO soft, even before washing. I know my DD is going to steal this from me when she sees it so I’m really glad I have another ball to make myself one. Bought two more colors of this yarn today too! :cheering:

Very pretty! Love the colors!

Very pretty! That pattern really shows off the beautiful colors!

So pretty, love the colors!

Oooh, ooh, ooh, Wanda I love the colors . What a great looking scarf!:inlove:

Gorgeous! :yay:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the colours!
Your scarf is stunning!:thumbsup:

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful scarf! You picked the perfect yarn for the pattern!

Oooo, those colors are so pretty!

That is very pretty. Love the colors.

Thanks everyone! I bought two more balls - each different colors - yesterday. Will likely do this pattern with them too. I just love how this yarn works up.

Wow! That is just gorgeous :inlove:

Your scarf is beautiful! Would you mind letting us know the details: how many stitches did you cast on, what size needles, is the pattern knit all rows? Your scarf is one of the nicest I’ve seen on KH.

Lovely colors and nice scarf!

That’s beautiful. The color is gorgeous! I’ve never heard of that yarn so I looked it up on Rav and Google and now I want some!!!

BTW…that pattern makes a great dishcloth, too! :thumbsup::lol:

Those colors are gorgeous! If you want to sell it, I’ll buy it!!!

I gotta a question… How long did it take you to make it? Can you write me back?

you really luv to know all the info. I luv that!!!

Thanks again everyone! OK, let me see if I can answer all your questions:

Starlight - Don’t remember the # of stitches I CO - let me go count. OK, it looks like I went exactly by the pattern and CO 26 stitches. I used size 9 needles for this project. The pattern can be found here.

Jan, I need to look it up too b/c she was pretty picked over. I would love to get some more variations of this yarn. It’s so soft and so affordable!! Hadn’t thought about using this pattern as a dishcloth! Thanks! I’ll do that - need to make some more anyway. :slight_smile:

megan734 - LOL, no I don’t want to sell it. I’m sure my DD is going to steal it when she comes home, so I’m glad I have another ball to make myself one. It was a VERY fast knit. Only took my parts of 3 days on and off.

What colors of yarn did you use on this scarf?

:inlove: that is very pretty! Great job!