Yarn harlot goodness

the yarn harlot isn’t like the wind.
she IS the wind.
check out this video of her irish cottage knitting style.


That’s how I knit! My mom taught me to hold the needles that way, and an English lady taught her when she was just a girl.
I wrap the yarn around my fingers differently, though, and use my index finger to get the lever action going.
And I’m not as fast as Stephanie, unfortunately. :teehee:

I’ve tried that, but it just felt too awkward! I also tried wrapping my yarn like that, but it didn’t work for me either. :shrug:


I’m getting an error in both WinMedia player and DivX player that the file doesn’t contain a video track or is missing a codec so I can’t play it…anyone else having that problem?

Maybe I’ll try quicktime.

Yep, Quicktime it is.

Hi hamalee
I cant open the file either!!

Try opening it in Quicktime (grrr…Hama hates the quicktime, hates it!)

:shock: wow … that’s just plain fast

Oh-my 'puter doesn’t do quicktime. :sad:

Wow. Just, wow.

It is all fuzzy in purple and green for me, although I can hear someone keep saying, “slow down”:teehee:

You can download it from Apple (a google search will bring you right to the download page) if it’s not already installed on your computer. Are you using Windows? Quicktime should work just fine on almost all basic PCs…

Sigh, it won’t work on my computer either, but then, I’m at work and not really supposed to be doing that anyway… It’s my “taking my break at my desk” strategy… I’ll have to see if I can get it at home tonight…:happydance:

Nothing comes up on the website.