Yarn Harlot blog?!

Ack! I’ve tried going to the Yarn Harlot’s blog a few times today, and I keep getting an error saying “server not found.” Someone PLEASE tell me this problem is only on my end.

Eep! :shock:

I’ve been having the same problem since last night :cry:

I just tried and I can’t get it either.:wall: HOpe she fixes it soon. I love her site.

It looks like she changed servers or at least her domain name. It’s now www.yarnharlot.com/blog/

If you check your bookmark it probably says www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

Just change the .ca to .com and you should be able to access the site. It worked for me.

It looks like there are problems for sure. There are broken links and image problems. Looks like she has some major web issues at the moment.

I have been wanting to also ask this. But when I go to the new one (Thanks Mason!), it is white page with the blog and instead of pictures it looks like this 1Sleevsstk2106 inside a box? And when I click on comments, it won’t let me in there either? Am I missing something?

Thanks Mason! Even if I can’t see all of the pictures, being able to read her words is still pretty darn entertaining. Hopefully she’ll be able to get it all sorted out.

Debbie - you’re right. I see the same thing. Seems like technical difficulties right now. :cry:

It looks like they’ve made some domain changes but just copied the files over without editing the HTML to reflect link changes. Hopefully her webmaster will get it fixed soon.

I don’t think there’s been a domain change. Normally if you type in .com it automatically redirects you to the .ca domain.

It just looks like there are some serious server problems going on…I’m sure somebody is working on it. I need my (almost) daily dose of YH too!! :cry:

The real sad part is she is up for 3 Bloggers Choice Awards! They are best craft blog, best blog design and best blog ever. I hope she is able to fix it soon!

I noticed this, too. Thanks for the tip about her new domain. Hopefully she’ll get those picture links fixed ASAP!

That’s normally true, but there is something goofy going on dns related and the most likely suspect is a domain change. But it could be something else.

I was there yesterday and it was fine. It’s probably just an internet blip. I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s not working for me now, but I’m not worried at this point.

It seems to be working now. The .com one is still a little wonky. But the .ca is just fine. Whew! No new entry today though.

Hm…the .ca one is still not found for me. :shrug:

.ca still not found for me either. Maybe they’re working on it.

I was just at the .ca blog and it is working fine for me (after not working earlier in the day). Sounds like an internet blip to me. Possibly a router somewhere is on the fritz?!?

I’m in Ontario an hour away from the YH and it isn’t working here either. Hard to be without her isn’t it! :lol: samm

I wasn’t able to get it at all today, until I clicked on the link Mason gave, & got the site.

Then I went to my old bookmark & got the site.

:?? :shrug:

I’m blaming internet gnomes.

It’s working for me now at 6:55 pm in CA.