Yarn Guide?

Hello, I’m thinking about making my first sweater, but still am pretty much clueless as to what type of yarn to use. Is there a yarn guide that someone could point me to? One that tells whether or not a certain type of wool will pill or not… or what tends to be more itchy… that kind of thing.
I like the price of the lion brand wool-ease, but wonder about the amount of acrylic in it, would that itch or be scratchy? Would the sweater look all baggy and unshaped since I can’t block it?
Thanks for any help, and if anyone likes any brands, that’d be a good thing to know as well.

There are extensive reviews of a ton of different yarns here:


They’re very thorough and IMO very helpful! :smiley:

Wool ease isn’t as scratchy as 100% wool. It will block a little, but acrylic does not mean sweaters will be baggy because you can’t block them. Throw them in the wash and dry and they hold their shape well.


Another blend that is good is Plymouth Encore.

There are tons of wools out there that aren’t itchy–merino comes to mind, but they are definitely more pricey.

Thanks everyone! That was very helpful. :slight_smile: