Yarn Glee at Work - now with yarn p0rn!

Woohoo!! I just received my most recent wallet-depleting order from Knit Picks at work, and I am busting out with happiness! :yay: It’s fun to receive yarn at work…sure takes the BLAH out of a boring workday.

A few of my coworkers probably think I’m crazy though, but that’s ok.

Along with some more Options needles and cables to complete my set, I got 2 balls each of 10 colors of Shine Sport. It is very soft for cotton! Makes the Peaches N Creme cotton I have feel like rope! I can’t wait to get started on my Log Cabin throw!! :happydance:

Anyone else make a Log Cabin with Shine? I’d love to see pics!

YIPPEE :cheering: :cheering: How cool is that?!
I have some more Options things ready to be ordered at KnitPicks right now, I’m waiting to decide if I want to order those 1st, or a bunch of Blue Sky cotton for a shawl…decisions, decisions…

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Yarn at work!!!

I placed an order late last week to finish my Options set. I’m amazed that no yarn made it in the order but the order was still over $100! How does that happen? :??

The answer, Rebecca, is to order both the same day! :lol: Even though I should be on a yarn diet, I placed my $100 order at Knit Picks, ordered some roving online, and also some other yarn all within the same 2 days! I need to control myself!!

Sara, did you order doubles of certain needle sizes? It doesn’t surprise me that you spent $100 on needles…for my order, $60 of it was yarn, and $40 was needles. I only ordered a double for size 7 though…I couldn’t afford to have that many needles!

I also forgot to mention my excitement at the new worsted weight superwash dyeable yarn Knit Picks has now. Yay!

I did order doubles. I got 7 through 10.5 in doubles and then ordered the 13s, 15s and 17s. I also ordered 2 more packets of the 24" cables and the 32" cables (so I’ll have 6 of each) and the 1 packet of the 47" cable and the 60" cable (I had already ordered the 36" or 40"). I ordered US 2 & 3 in the DPNs too (two sets of each). Plus, I ordered 5 color cards, 2 patterns and the lace blocking wires (the most expensive thing). Sooooo even though there is no yarn I can spend a lot of money! I found that I need the 24" cables a lot and I’ve needed the size 8 needles a lot…so I might be ordering more of those. We’ll see!

I wish money grew on trees! The initial set of needles was for my birthday - I ordered them 2 months ago and my birthday is in 2 weeks :oops: and I’ve definatley spent the rest of the money for my birthday. The DH loves it though because it saves him from having to shop at all! :happydance:

Wow that’s a lot of needles! Your needle case must be overflowing! But now you can have more projects on the needles at the same time, and there’s nothing wrong with that! :teehee:

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :drool: :drool: :drool: :thud:

I love seeing such pretty pictures.

That is some beeeeeeeauuuutiful yarn there, Cindy!!! :inlove:

What a great day at work! I’m just green with envy though. I’ve been wanting to order more needles and shine sport for a week now.

Beautiful yarn!! I am making the Log Cabin but in Plymouth Encore.

Love the colors and it’s so pretty and shiny!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

:muah: :muah: LOVE it!!! My mum wants me to knit her a vest & I’ve been trying to talk her into having me use Shine Sport because I REALLY want to try it - I’m a lot jealous over here. :wink:

Purdddy!!! Purdy!! Purddddy!!

I just did this on my keyboard!



Wow… I had been trying to decide if I wanted to order some KP Shine worsted- you just made up my mind for me-- that is gorgeous!!!

DANG IT! I keep coming back to this message to :drool: over the yarn and I should be WORKING :oo:

lol, you’re all so funny! But yes, I really like the Shine, and would recommend it! I started my Log Cabin last night and could not put it down. None of my other WIPs got any love yesterday, because I just kept wanting to add more colors and see how pretty it would be! And knit up, the Shine has a nice drape to it…very unlike the Peaches n Creme I have…I kinda want to burn the Peaches because I can’t see myself using it now!