Yarn Girls Basic Cardigan

I knitted this last summer, actually, when I was in South Africa. Well, it was winter there. Anyway, I didn’t like it for some reason. I hung it up in the closet with all the ends left loose because I thought to myself that I would unravel it some day and use the yarn again. But today I was reminded of it when I read the post on different plies in yarn. This one is a bulky single, Berkshire Bulky. Well, I took it out of the closet and decided it wasn’t so bad after all. Definitely not the type of thing I’d buy in the store, but I made it and it’s warm, though the sleeves are a little too short (my arms are always longer than the pattern calls for). Anyway, I weaved in all the ends and am wearing it now. Not bad. I’m glad I didn’t try to make something for wearing next to the skin, though, as this yarn is kinda itchy for me.

The collar has a tendency to flap up like in the last photo. The directions call for buttons, and I even bought buttons, but I suck at putting them on, so for now it’s just held together with a piece of a necklace that I didn’t like and a darning needle (yep, knitting ghetto).

how pretty!! i :heart: the color!

It’s beautiful! :heart: It looks so warm and snuggly, and I love the color.

I like the innovative “button” choice.

It’s such a pretty color and looks nice on you! What kind of yarn is it?

Thanks, you guys. :hug:

It’s Berkshire Bulky, a Webs house brand.

That is really pretty! The color is great and I tell ya, I’m all about compensation…lol…I’ve done things “my own way” so many times 'cause I either can’t do it the way it’s called for, or, I just don’t have the patience for it…haha…I love your version of a button! I have always had a high appreciation for things out of the ordinary and even something as simple as your button gives it your touch; personalizes it. I think you should keep it as is! :slight_smile:

And the colour, so nice on you!
Lovely work! :heart:

I actually kind of like the way the flaps are up on the collar in the last photo, makes it look a bit more unique? :thumbsup: The color is very flattering on you as well.
Perhaps for the shorter sleeves you could knit up something and attach it so that it looks like you added on cuffs to make them longer? :shrug:

I really like it and your “special” button closure… (ha ha!) definitely something I’d pick out at a store- snuggly and bright. Cool!

Very nice. Looks good on you, too!

(yep, knitting ghetto).

i like the sweater… looks cozy warm and the color does look great on you:)

Have to agree with everyone else. I think it’s great!

Aww! I think it’s cute! I wouldn’t even dare to knit a sweater, but you did and it’s great! I love the pin on it too. You should be proud of yourself!

I love the ‘button’! Great color! I just knitted a sweater from the same book and the arms were waaaayyyy too long for me!

Great job! It looks very good indeed.

Very cute and that color looks so good on you.

actualythoe ring clasps are a new thing offered in our LYS
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That is so beautiful. I love the colour and the shape of the garment. You do magnificent work.