Yarn gauge vs needles

I have not really had too much of a problem when I buy a yarn and do a swatch and have to adjust my needle, but my question is this, if you find a yarn with the proper gauge, but very different needle size than your pattern recommends, ie

18 st x 24 rows 7 needle (yarn recommend)
18 st x 24 rows 10 needle (pattern)

would you just go with the yarn recommendation needle size right off the bat to make your gauge and ignore the pattern needle size? Would the size of the garment be affected in a situation like this or would you be safe as long as your gauge with the 7’s came out? I found some beautiful yarn that is quite expensive and I want to make a birthday gift, but don’t want to order it if I am going to have issues with it size wise. Thanks for your opinion and insight!


What this really means is that the designer got gauge with a different needle size… probably. Maybe they knit quite tightly or loosely? IMO the wool company has said on their label that this wool knits up to a nice fabric at x gauge, which is the same gauge, so I’d use it.

The only consideration is the possibility that the designer used a wool knitted at a different gauge from that on the label to get a stiffer denser fabric, or to get a very loose, open, drapey fabric. In that case you knitting the pattern at specified gauge but a different weight wool, could cause problems. I would check the label gauge of the wool recommended in the pattern (use Yarndex?) and get a wool with the same label gauge as the one used in or recommended by the pattern. And knit to the gauge recommended in the pattern. I think that way you can’t go wrong.
So: is the label gauge of the wool you want to use the same as the label gauge of the recommended wool?

P.S. are you sure the needle sizes are under the same system, not one in UK size and one in mm or US size?

I was thinking the same thing as Sarah, the size of the garment wouldn’t be affected but the drape and look of it might be.

You can do it but you might want to swatch first and see how you like the results.


hi, Faye

it happened to me a lot–so usually I would just start making a swatch then adjust accordingly. :slight_smile:

sometimes the gauge shown in the pattern is the gauge in a specific stitch pattern (like a complicated lace pattern?) so that would be the gauge in pattern, not in st st. it would be natural that the guage of your pattern and your yarn don’t match on such occasions.