Yarn Frustration

I found a pattern for my next project and purchased the yarn in Feb. I starting knitting a swatch last night and I hate the yarn. It splits and snags and I just don’t like it. I’ve tried to find yarn with the same gauge

19sts=4", 26 rows=4" in St st

to replace it but so far I haven’t found one. I’d like to make this shell in cotton since I’m in Florida and it’s hot but everything I see comes close but no cigar. I’ve been reading reviews about cotton yarn and it seems that splitting is a problem with the yarn. I tried knitting with Cleo Egyptian Cotton and it doesn’t split nearly as much as the other yarn but I don’t know if they even make this stuff much less what’s the gauge.

What do you do in this situation?

You can try looking at www.yarndex.com for similar yarns…I think they have yarn reviews, too…

If you find a yarn you like that’s close but not quite as far as the gauge is concerned, just play around with different needles until you get as close as you can to the gauge you need.
Gauge you can fix, crappy yarn you cannot.

This may be a stupid question, but have you tried using different needles?

I have found (granted, I have been knitting well under a year) that when I have that sort of thing going on, if I switch needles (ie: from bamboo to aluminum) it always helps a bit with my problems and sometimes it totally eliminates them.


KellyK-Thanks for the website. I’ll check it out.

I’ve tried this yarn on wooden, aluminum(sp?) and plastic needles with the same results. I even tried knitting with the yarn on left hand and that didn’t work either. (I can do the knit stitch but the purl stitch gives me fits) I just think it’s the construction/twist of the yarn that makes it just fall apart. :frowning:


i think what they are talking about though is finding a yarn that is close to the guage of the yarn you don’t like then try needles of different sizes to get it to the actual gauge of the yarn that they are recommending.

My gauge when I knit with Knitpicks Shine was pretty close to that… 20 st / 27 rows = 4"x4", on US6 needles. It was very nice to knit with!! No splitting problems. :thumbsup: