Yarn from the family pet...saw on ebay

this is pretty funny. I guess they keep a pet sheep for the yarn. I think I would have to keep it. Looks like nice yarn.

By the way, think Willie is getting a share of the profits? Wonder if anyone asked him if he would mind selling his fleece for funds? :rofling:

My mom had a great pyreneese and a woman that she worked with would pay her to bring in ziplock bags of Rumor’s (the dog) hair as mom would brush her or have her groomed. She would actually spin it herself and said it was some of the nicest yarn she came across.

Very interesting! Now of course when I get into knitting, Rumor has passed away and I don’t get the chance to learn to spin it (for my own knowledge)!


I’ve actually heard from a member of my snb who is a dog groomer that they have a lady that comes to get dog hair for that purpose…

I have a siberian husky and I have been saving his hair for a while…it seemed a little odd at first, but I decided it is no more odd than yarn from a sheep! :roflhard: It is sooooooooooo soft…his breed is one that has an “undercoat” so it will be great for yarn. An my house stays more hair free from frequent brushing