Yarn from the Adirondacks?

Anyone from the Adirondacks know of a local hand yarn dyer and sells at crafts fairs? My mum got me some yarn and all she said was she got this hand dyed yarn at a craft fair in the Adirondacks.

Don’t know but it’s beautiful. Love the colors.

I’m not from the Adirondacks, but I go there every summer and hope to retire there! My best suggestion would be to find out what area the craft show was in and see if you can’t contact the local government nearby. That might lead you to the crafts show organizer and to the dyer. If it’s near Old Forge, the area I know the best, you could try contacting the Arts Center there in town. They might well know if it’s a local craftsperson that you could get in touch with. Good luck. The yarn looks lovely.

there’s one in Fort Plain, NY and one of the ladies on my parenting board, her MIL raises Alpacas and spins as well as dyes her own yarn.