Yarn from KnitPicks?

Does anyone have info on the yarn on Knitpicks? I have seen several colors that I really like and would like to try. The prices seem really good, how does the yarn feel?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

So far I’ve used Swish (which feels nice and soft), WotA (felts really well), and Shine (which feels nice and my mom tells me it washes well). I also have Shimmer, Gossamer and Suri Dream, but I haven’t used them yet.

I love Knitpicks. Their yarn is pretty quality and a great price, plus a lot of their lines are available bare so you can dye them yourself. Their customer service is great too.

K I bought quite a bit of stuff from KP. I’ve gotten gloss (wool/silk) for socks, andean treasure (100% baby alpaca) and OMG it’s like knitting with (well dang the softest type of hair I can think of is kitty fur) well like petting your favorite kitty cat.
Hard to explain it’s soooo soft.:drool: cloud9 I also have gotten their sock specific yarn which they don’t have anymore (dang) and Telemark. All really good stuff for the price you pay and the shipping is 0$ if your order is over 50 bucks and it was also quick.

Another plug for knitpicks! I have several balls of essential sock yarn right now-I have made one pair of socks, and am ready to start another. Nice and soft, strong, fabulous yarn, and washable too!

Their needles are to die for, as well… :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll love it! So far, I’ve tried their Swish yarn (superwash merino), Crayon Boucle cotton (Loooove this! super soft!), and I have some Cotlin (70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen
DK weight) which feels great but I haven’t knit it up yet. I also have some WOTA (haven’t tried it yet) and some Alpaca lace weights, which again, are still in the “yet to try” camp.

I also want to try many others they have, including their sock yarns. I agree the needles are Fantastic-I have both the Options metal and the Harmony Interchangeable sets. I need~okay, WANT~ to order the smaller and larger sizes and DPNs and I will be set for life, God willing :teehee:

I think they have some wonderful yarns, well worth trying out!:heart:

I’ve gotten a couple of skeins of Shimmer in discontinued color, and haven’t actually knitted it up yet - I did a little bit of knitting on it, and it feels wonderful, but just haven’t gotten back to it since the first couple of rows. Prices are fairly good, but do check the size of the skein/hank/ball you are purchasing, some of them are well under 100 yards, which makes the total cost of a project add up quickly.

There’s a really nice but somewhat dated overview of KP yarns on knittersreview.com - http://www.knittersreview.com/article_yarn.asp?article=/review/product/050210_a.asp



I just finished my second pair of socks last night made with Palette fingering yarn. I love it. I love the socks they feel so good on my feet. I had a little left over from each skein making women’s socks mid calf, foot length between 8-9. Also love the Harmony interchangeable needles.

I have only used the Essentials sock yarn. I found there was a little difference in softness from one to the other (the 2nd batch of cocoa color I got was not quite as soft as the first, nor as soft as the meteor twist color), that was unusual, other colors were soft. Maybe I got a bad batch of cocoa the 2nd time around. Overall I love it. for socks.

KP’s Ambrosia, which is an alpaca blend, is indescribably soft. I just pet it, and pet it, and pet it…

My dgd LOVES the hat I made her with it. Wears it everywhere, including to bed at night.

I’m definitely going to get some of their other yarn. And you can’t beat their price or customer service (or needles…luv my Options)!

I have used some of the yarns from Knit Picks already mentioned and loved them. I just finished 5 pair of socks using their Felici Self Stiping Sock yarn and it is very soft. Love knitting with it and have washed one pair and it is just great. :thumbsup:

Count me another satisfied KP customer. I’ve made several pairs of socks from Essential…good stuff. I finished an 7-foot circular shawl using Palette. Easy to work with and very soft. And even though the shawl is a pretty-open lace pattern, surprisingly warm. I’ve also just recently finished a couple of dishcloths with Cotlin. Since they’re new, unwashed and the stitches are still very tight, it’s not quite face-quality soft yet, but from how it feels new, I suspect that with a few runs through the wash machine it will be perfect.

And their needles?..90% of my knitting is done on their circs and dpns.

About the ONLY negative I’ve ever heard involves Wool of the Andes. Personally I’ve never used WoA so I can’t speak to this, but I have heard that while it felts really well, it is a bit scratchy and not the type of wool you’d probably want in a scarf for a sensitive neck or for something made for babies. Again, no experience, just something I’ve seen posted a few times.

I love Knit Picks, I’ve used WOTA, Memories(sock yarn they don’t make anymore) Shine, and palette(which i don’t like very much, not very soft)

Thank you all! This is exactly what I was looking for. One of the yarns I was considering was the WOA, for a wrap, but I think I will skip that one and go with one of the alpaca ones instead.

Thanks again!

I’ve purchased cadena (aka sierra), essential, and gloss. I have only used the cadena and the essential sock yarn though. I did not really care for the cadena yarn, it is an some sort of alpaca blend I think, so I found it kind of itchy for what I wanted to use it for. But, that’s how alpaca can be for some people. I LOVE their essential sock yarn; I just wish they offered it in more/better colors. Very inexpensive but pretty soft and durable.

Another KP fan. My sister in law told me about them. So far I have only used the WOTA, and I do like it. It felts up nice.
Next are a few other yarns mentioned here that I will use.
They have good customer service and the yarn arrives in a timely fashion.