Yarn from Home Depot!

This article on “The Daily Knitter” is hilarious!

Hmmm…you know, I can practically SEE a home depot AND a lowes from my house!!!

Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!

Thanks for sharing! Lots cheaper than a LYS too!

Woah ! I would have never thought of that. I live like a mile from a Lowes and about 2 miles from Home Depot. Coolies ! Now I can go look at stuff while hubby looks at boring stuff hehe !

Great idea for a doormat with some texture to it! Knit rope! I just might have to try that! :happydance:

Oh, yea, I can relate. Currently have (as an alternative to the never-ending Einstein coat) a little purse in the works I’m knitting out of mason’s twine from Home Depot. It’s a little more difficult than knitting with cotton, but with a little effort to relax my hands and let it slide through my fingers, it’s actually no problem to knit. They have white, pink, green I think, and variagated. Looks nice and summery, and will be nearly indestructible.

Oh how cool! I’ll be going to HD with DH soon I can see! :roflhard:

Oh the dh will be thrilled with this one. So not ony are HD and Lowe’s threats to our budget because of their garden centers, but now they’re on the scary knitty list as well! :rofling:

That sounds really neat. Please post pics when you’re done!!

Does anyone else have AlterKnits? There’s a pattern and how-to on knitting a screen door out of upholstery thread that I’m DYING to make. Since I’m moving to a city that embraces art and creativity, I’m holding off until we’re settled in Austin, then I’ll knit up our door!

I’ve seen AlterKnits, K.A. … I thought the screen was pretty, but couldn’t see myself undertaking it. :wink: You’ll have to make sure you share your finished product with us!! I think that book is fabulous … it has some really neat ideas in it. Did you see the little paper lanterns?

I have a book by hmmm … now I can’t remember, and it’s not w/in my reach, but it has a pattern for square storage baskets made from cotton twine – the heavier stuff – and they’re fabulous! I’ve been wanting to make them for a while … might be a good summertime project! Thanks for reminding me!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I’ve been in home depot looking for possibilities a couple of times! I found though yardage/gauge wise, it’s not any less expensive than yarn so unless you have a particular type of project in mind, it might not be worth it.

I love going to Home Depot :smiley: