Yarn foward twice, what to do in next row?

I am working the Toledo sweater from Rowan patterns & there is a line in the pattern that I just can seem to get right.

yfwd twice - on following row, P into front, then back of this double yfwd.

does that mean P into f&b of each stitch? I have ripped it three times!

Also, in the same patter, it calls for decrease & increase at the end of every 4th row. do i just adjust the chart? it doesnt really show the dec & inc that well


I think you would purl into the front of the first YO, just as you would normally, then purl into the back loop of the 2nd one which will give it a twist so they don’t unravel on you.

How is the line worded for a dec and inc at the end of every 4th row?

it states to dec 1 st at each end of next & every foll 4th row…

it also says… keeping patt correct… & taking inc sts into pattern

It sounds like the YO twice will increase it in an ornamental way, while the decs at the ends of the rows will keep the edges from slanting too much like this - \ /

These deals where you have to take the increases into the pattern require some observation to see what is going on with your pattern. What is being repeated? and you have to think what the stitch right before the last one would be at the beginning of the rows. At the end you just start another repeat with what you have.

It depends on the type of repeat you have whether or not you can immediately add it in or have to let your extra stitches accumulate a few times to do what needs to be done. Sometimes you keep the extra stitches in st st or whatever until you have enough of them to do a repeat. This is one of the places that puzzle working skills come in handy.

On the working front and back into the double yarn over… Sometimes I have run into a little trouble trying to do what they say, sometimes it seems if you do exactly what they say it doesn’t work out. Then you have to come up with an alternative that will look good and cause you to end up with the number of stitches you need over the row. I think what Sue says is right, but if it doesn’t work, try something a little different. As long as you are consistent and it looks good it won’t hurt anything. Usually. LOL

Because it says to purl “into the front, and then the back, of this double yfwd”, I would purl into both like a P2tog, first through the front, then through the back.

I’m pretty sure you would do the stitches separately. It’s odd phrasing but it means essentially what I posted above.