Yarn foward question

in this pattern:


Does yarn foward mean yo? Did they just mess up by putting that, or am I interpreting this the wrong way? I don’t understand how you could just bring the yarn forward and knit…I dont see how that’s possible unless you YOed

Yes it means the same as YO. Most of my patterns say “yf” for "yo"and it was very confusing at first.

Dee Dee

Thanks. I remember seeing yf or yfwd on other patterns, but that was to make a wrap turn on a sock or something, so it was confusing on this particular pattern. Perhaps it’s from somewhere other than the USA.

Using yf in a pattern is British I think. It depends on how it’s used in a pattern. If the instructions say - yf, sl 1, yb, k1 - you know it’s just there to bring the yarn to the front and slip a stitch, then take it to the back. But if it says - yf, k1 - then it’s pretty certain it’s a YO.


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. The other way for this particular pattern didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t imagine knitting a stitch if the yarn was in front of the work. Well now I can save this pattern for another time to knit :smiley: