Yarn Forward?

I came across a pattern that for the first time I’ve seen it, says to Yarn forward. What is a yarn forward?

It’s the same as a YO done between 2 knit sts.

Aren’t all yo done between knit stitches? Is there a video that shows how?

Sometimes you do YOs between purl sts or between a knit to purl or purl to knit. British knitting patterns have different ways of describing them…

yf - between two knits, bring yarn to front then knit a stitch
yon - from a purl to knit, lay the yarn over the top of the needle and knit the stitch
yrn - between knit to purl, bring the yarn all the way around the needle and to the front to purl the next stitch.

:thumbsup: Got ya!..Yo = Yforward.