Yarn forward

im reading the next pattern i’m going to do and got confused.

4th row: sl.1, k.1, k.2tog, [COLOR=“Red”]y.fwd (yarn foward), [/COLOR]k.3

i don’t know what im supposed to do when it says this.
Could anyone help? Thank you.Crossed Fingers

Hi Gabbi, :slight_smile: I got stuck with this one myself too! If you take a look in the Glossary: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-glossary

It has a few different deffinitions for yarn foward. Basically, I think on here it’s called yarn over (YO) and there is a video on how to do it in the glossary too.

If you’d prefer a Mod, or more experianced knitter, to come along and comfirm I completely understand. :smiley:

Since you’re doing a k2tog, then it would be a YO. Just bring the yarn forward as if you were going to purl, and then knit the next stitch. This will create your YO stitch.

So,OxxxAmandaxxxO, you were right!

:oo: :woohoo: It’s not that often that I get things right, so I’ve got to celebrate. :roflhard:

Btw, just Amanda is fine. :slight_smile:

:blooby: Amanda got it riiiii-ight, Amanda got it riii-ight!:teehee:

[U]thank you both very much[/U]. i dont get pattens very well. i normally just make up my own.