Yarn forward?

I’m on a knit row and it’s getting a bit more complicated in my pattern, the next step is:

k1, yarn forward, s1, k1, psso

does yarn forward mean bring the yarn towards me? and then surely it’s in the wrong place to knit the next stitch? Help!

A yarn forward is essentially the same thing as a yarn over. So just do a yarn over and you’ll be in good shape!

Yarn forward is an old fashioned term for a type of yarn over. What it implies is that you bring the yarn forward as if to purl, and then the act of taking it over the needle to knit creates a yo. But simply put, it’s just a yo.

You’re right. Before you knit the next stitch, bring your yarn forward, towards you. Just knit the next stitch with the brought forward yarn and it’ll end up back where it belongs, and you’ll easily see how the yo gave you an extra stitch on your right needle :slight_smile:

okay, thanks! have done a row now and it’s looking good so far.
I then purled a row and now it says:

k into back of 2nd stitch, k into front of 1st stitch and slip off the needle together.

i have no idea what this means…

Thankyou! that’s all the tricky bits covered, i just have to repeat those rows for 30cm now, might be done by next christmas!!

Ackkkk. WAIT!

Marria, your second post - it’s not a twist stitch, it’s a dec after a YO. Did you post this in the wrong thread?

Angie - You don’t knit after bringing the yarn forward for a YO unless the next stitch in the pattern is a knit stitch, which it isn’t in this case.

So jennyanne - Marria’s first post and campbell mom’s are correct. Bring the yarn forward, then to the back, slip the next stitch, knit the one after that, then pass the slipped stitch over the knit st. The YO has nothing to do with the slip, knit pass stitch, but might get in the way, so you could hold it steady on your needle with your finger while you do the pass over.

Yes I did post in the wrong thread! How did I do that? :doh: I thought I was reading a post asking about how to do the LT.
Can you delete it?

If you let me know the name of the thread you meant it for, I can actually move it over there…

You know, I can’t find it now! Must be all that staying up late trying to finish projects for Christmas. :zombie:

Sorry about that. If you can delete it that would be great.