Yarn Forward

New to this site. Have not knitted in some time and am trying to knit a simple scarf. Is says, yarn forward and I can not remember how to do this. Thanks.

it is going to depend on what the next instruction is. it is either a yarn over which means you are just wrapping the stitch basically. otherwise it is to bring the yarn forward and do whatever it tells you to do next.

Hi there, you need to bring the yarn forward between the two needles, usually when you are doing a purl stitch and back between the tow needles to do a knit stitch. Hopes this helps. Arigiboo x

The yarnforward (yf) is a type of increase, similar to a yarn over. In a yarn over, you wrap the yarn around the needle before working the next stitch. In a yarn forward, you bring the yarn to the front of the work, then work the next stitch (usually a k or k2tog or something like that) - it’s kinda hard to visualize, but it gives a very similar effect as the yo - an eyelet/hole.