?Yarn Forward?

HELP! :crying: sniff, sniff.

Whats a yarn forward? The two words sound really easy!



Yarn forward is the same as yarn over. When you are knitting, you put the yarn to the front as if to purl so you make an extra stitch when you knit the next stitch on your left needle.

American patterns say yo for both putting the yarn to the front and to the back, UK patterns say yarn forward and yarn back.

I figured it must be a UK thing, that Debbie Bliss! I wanna figure out how to do that cute triangle edging she does! Thanks again Ingrid!


Hmm :thinking: Yarn forward is not always the same as yarn over. Sometimes, you may find a yarn forward command that does not create a new stitch. I think the easiest way to determine the meaning is the look at the picture of the project: if there are holes, “yarn forward” probably means “yarn over” (unless the pattern lists a separate YO command); if there aren’t any holes, then “yarn forward” just means bring the yarn to the front of the work.


Yes, you are right. Yarn forward AND yarn over only mean to move the yarn. The yf and yo don’t include the next stitch which would create the extra.

I just had this discussion with my oldest daughter a few weeks ago. Her instructions said a yo was the yo and the stitch, but she was running out of stitches. I remembered to tell HER that it was just the movement of the yarn.