Yarn forward?

I’m having trouble with a not very clear pattern. My sister’s boyfriend is a WWII nut, and I found a pattern to knit a hand grenade! I’m not terribly advanced in knitting, so this is one of the new things I’m trying to figure out. When I come to the part that says:

34th row. k1, *yrn fwd, k2tog. Rep from *to end.

Is the yarn forward the same as yarn over? I have the feeling it’s supposed to decrease here, but doing it as YO, k2tog, repeat, it stays the same width.

Yep, it’s the same as YO. It’s just the difference you find in American vs. English instructions. You should end up with the same number of stitches

Ah, thanks. Man, this pattern is driving me nuts! I wish they had a decent photo of it so I could see what I’m supposed to be doing.

This is definately a YO. The proof is in the finishing directions, it says to run a ribbon through the holes that will be made by row 34. When you do a YO, K2tog you are making a series of holes and keeping the stitch count even. This line of holes is just like what you do when making a bootie to run a ribbon through that goes around the ankle to help hold the bootie on. In this case it is to close the purse at the top. You did realize this is a purse didn’t you?

A full picture would probably help you. That’s for sure.

I could be wrong about it being a purse, but it says a purse grenade. It’s either a grenade to carry in your purse, or a purse that looks like a grenade. :slight_smile: It doesn’t give a guage, but it seems like bulky yarn and 40 stitches would be pretty big. It sounds like one of those small baglike purses that is kind of like a marble bag. If you don’t want it to be a purse you could probably adapt it a bit to turn it into a simple closed hand grenade. :slight_smile: Looks like fun. I hope you don’t get shot as a terrorist throwing this thing around. lol