Yarn forward


Is yfwd same as yarn over? I was in the “abbreviations explained” tab but there is no video for the yarn forward, and I didn’t understand the explanation. Please help. And why is that the pattern says:" (yfwd)twice" , why the parenthesis? Please help. Thanks :??

yes, it can mean the same as yarn over. In some cases, you will see it used in other ways, for example if a pattern tells you to move your yarn forward (yfwd) then slip a stich, then move yarn back, but if there’s no instruction like that I would take it to be a yarn over. As for why it would be in parenthesis, I have no idea! Do you have a link to the pattern you are looking at?

Yes. I am trying this difficult pattern from Rowan (the most difficult since I have been kitting):

Row1 (RS): *K2tog, (yfwd)twice, K2tog tbl, rep from * to last stitch.

Row2: P1, *(P1, P1 tbl) into double yfwd of previous row, cluster 2, rep from * to last 3 sts, (P1, P1 tbl) into double yfwd of previous row, P1.

Row3: K2, *K2tog, (yfwd)twice, K2tog tbl, rep from * to last 2 sts, K2.

Row4: P1, *cluster 2, (P1, P1 tbl) into double yfwd of previous row, rep from * to last 3 sts, cluster 2, P1.

These 4 rows forms the pattern. There are extra instruction on the cluster 2 should I post that as well? :??

No, that’s fine, I was just trying to get a bit more reference to where your yfwd were and why they were in brackets. I think the yfwd is in brackets just so you are sure that it’s just that part that you are to do twice and not the K2tog. You are creating double yarn overs which will then be worked in the following rows. You will purl into the first loop of the double yfwd and then purl through back loop of the second yfwd.

If you are unsure of how to do the cluster and need help with that, feel free to post back.

What is the pattern of?