Yarn forward, sl 1 k 1

New here, need help please. This is a wrap that I have been dying to make and I’m on attemp 3!


The pattern shows a yarn forward, then a sl1 k1 afterwards. This is the problem. I know to pull the yarn forward (as if to purl), slip the next stitch onto the right needle then knit the next stitch as normal (?) but then do you pull the slipped stitch over the one you just made or the yarn over loop?

I’m probably making more of this than there needs to be, mental block is more like it. I’ve tried this 3 times now only to have too many stitches left at the end of my work…ripped it out, start over!

Hope you can understand my problem, I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!


You pass the slipped st over the knit st, the yo doesn’t enter into it.