Yarn forward, help please

Hello, to everyone! I have been knitting for a few years; with inspriration from my lovely daughter I am trying something more complex. A baby boot, and it has the term: Yarn forward. It is to increase one stitch, and I have asked several experienced knitters to show me how to “yarn forward” and they can’t! I was just doing a regular increase, knitting in the front and the back of the same stitch, but it just did not seem right in the pattern. Any help please?

In this context, it’s the same as a yarn over. If you’re knitting the stitches, just bring the yarn between the needles to the front (like you would to switch to purling) and make your knit st - it will automatically make your YO. If you’re purling, you have to wrap it around the needle and bring it back the front to continue purling. It is an increase that will make a small hole, like an eyelet, in the fabric. Does this fit more with what your pattern should look like?