Yarn for trade:)

I have 7 skeins of Fonty Velourine, a viscose and cotton blend. Very soft, crappy pic though. It is from France, tan and gold, VERY drapey, all whole skeins, but a couple are missing there wrappers, my lillist one like to take them off and wear them on his arms for bracelets.

I also have 1 skein Debbie Bliss Cathay, again, no wrapper!

And here is 420 yards of an unknown sock yarn, very pretty I jsut do NOT like orange blue and purple in the same colorway

And last but not least I have a skein of Cherry Tree Hill jumbo loop mohair. Peacock colorway. Um, no wrapper,lol

I am looking for trades for fiber to spin(not alpaca or silk from silk worms, but fiber silk is great! I love wool to spin! Always looking for yarn, sock yarn, new spindles, knitting books! Whatcha got?

Is the unknown sock yarn in orange, blue & purple still available? I have a money order for exchange. Julianne