Yarn for swap/trade, make me an offer

I’m completely new here, but I have excellent feedback on e-bay as Marvel_Mom and Makeupalley as SonyaX. I have too much yarn! Help me destash. I just keep picking up things without a project in mind and it just sits around. :slight_smile:

I’m primarily interested in trading for different colors (I’m looking for multiple skeins of grey/siler, navy blue, bright red, and something that would blend with a lion brand suede in garnet) as I have too may things that just don’t go with anything else I have :). I’m a crochet person who prefers thicker yarns. You can find pics of my yarn here:

  1. Moda Dea Eden in Apple:, 2 and 7/8 skeins (reaspberry red color)

  2. Brunswick Yarn Cotton Crepe: 7 & 7/8 skeins red, 3 & 7/8 skeins navy (I was going to make a sweater with these, but don’t ever want to crochet with thin yarn again after finishing a recent project)

  3. Lion Brand Fancy Fur: 2 skeins jungle print, 2 skeins wild white

  4. Lion Brand Boucle in Lime: 2 skeins

  5. Thin chenille-ish yarn, not really sure what kind it is, says olefin, 4 white skeins, 2 silver, 2 navy

  6. Patons Pebbles Gemstone (raspberry red with brown accents): 9 skeins

  7. Brushed Wool maybe 10 ozs?

  8. Big mixed bag of green/grey/white/blue yarns 40 total skeins (some partial, some full) all sorts of fiber contents

  9. Pink/coral acrylic yarns Red Heart and others 9 skeins

  10. Purple acrylic yarns Red Heart and others 6 skeins

Feel free to make me an offer in trade or money. Thing’s I’ll trade for: Legos, Star Trek stuff, yarn (of course), knit/yarn totes, Star Wars stuff, Harry Potter stuff, Hello Kitty stuff, crochet reference books also suitable for beginners (teach yourself visually crocheting, The crochet Bible etc), crochet hook organizer, marzipan, Shojo manga & anime, and pretty much anythign super geeky. Also if I’ve posted something in a way I shouldn’t have, please let me know, as I’m just figuring this board out and would appreciate the advice.


Pm’d you about #'s 6&7.

do have have any that’s plain colour and nothing fancy

I’m thinking of trading for the stylecraft post. I’m desperate to get rid of this wool.

Pm’d you too Cheley

Could I have more info on #8 including shipping cost to Tacoma WA 98407-1321?:knitting:

pm’d you