Yarn for sale

For sake of simplicity- here are thumbnails, full size pictures are up on my website at http://dragonwingarts.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=1781

Shipping: I can find out by weight or fill a priority mail flat rate box for $8.95

Prices are what I would like to get, but I can negotiate-- PM me if you’re interested
Oh- and paypal is probably easiest…

Red Heart acrylic, white with silver metallic accent- 2 center pull balls (I think it was originally one or two skeins, made a small purse, and this is what’s left)— [B]$3[/B]

Lion Brand Fun Fur (top left to bottom right) Ivory, Raspberry, Light Blue, Red, Bright Blue-- 2 skeins each color, center pull balls-- [B]$5 each color[/B]

Berocco Comfort- color teal (looks more like a dusty green)- two full skeins, one near full and one small partial-- [B]$13[/B]

Lion Brand Homespun Baby- Soft Violet, 1 skein - [B]$2[/B]

Lion Brand Homespun Baby - Sweet Pea, 3 skeins- [B]$6[/B]

Lion Brand Homespun Baby - Sunshine, 3 skeins- [B]$6[/B]

Red Heart Soft- teal, hand balled, one skein- [B]$2[/B]

Red Heart acrylic - color monet- about 2/3 skein- [B]$3[/B]

Red Heart acrylic - color Mexicana (?) - not sure amount, most of the skein- [B]$3[/B]

Red Heart holiday- two skeins red/green with gold metallic, half skein green with gold metallic- [B]$6[/B]

Sugar n’ Cream- Playtime (pink), Summer Splash (green)- one pink, two green- [B]$1 each[/B]

Sugar n’ Cream Country Side Ombre

Joann’s Sensations Rainbow Boucle- turquoise
1 1/2 skeins at least (skeins were 850 yards, so I’m guessing 1200+ yards) - love this yarn, just have no plans for it- [B]$14[/B]

Knitted sample:

Lion Brand Microspun- 4 /12 skeins purple, one lavender [B]$10[/B]

Do you remember how many yards are in the homespun skiens? And the Redheart “Soft”

I hope you’ve already received my other e-mail about wanting (desperately!) the Homespun Baby/Soft Violet. Having figured out a bit more about this site & forums, I’m sending this to say that I LOOOOVE Paypal and would be more than happy to negotiate with you.

Karen Downing
Seattle, WA 98103

I’ll give you the yardage if you PROMISE not to snatch the last remaining skein of Homespun Baby Soft Violet on the globe! ;-)<Kidding! Sort of!>

Regular Homespun = 6 oz. / 170 grams / 185 yards / 169 meters

Homespun Baby = 3 oz. / 85 grams / 93 yards / 85 meters

Happy home-spinning! :wink:

Comfort, purple homespun, sweet pea homespun and fun fur have been sold

i wish i could buy it all but im on a yarn diet…bleh

Would like to purchase all 4 skeins of the cotton. I sent you a PM