Yarn for mitered squares blanket?

thinking about doing a mitered squares blanket, with various-sized squares (cheryl brunette has a nice video how-to at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDGxPfRUpR0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Ca2icMjak).

i’m not going to do some crazy expensive yarn for it, even tho a noro would be awesome, i know. i’d like something fairly inexpensive because of the size, easy-care, non-pill, and soft (even if the ‘soft’ happens AFTER washing!). also, an ombre, stripe, gradient, or other color-change yarn would be preferable. also, easy-to-get, either locally or via internet ordering.

so far i’m thinking about deborah norville’s everyday prints (http://www.joann.com/deborah-norville-collection-everyday-print-yarn/zprd_10143345a.html#prefn1=refinementColor&sz=90&srule=price-low-to-high&prefv1=Multi&start=1) as they’re advertised (and reviewed on multiple sources) as little-to-no-pilling, easy care, etc. and they come in multiple colors (am liking the beach, oak moss, toasted marshmallow and winding river colorways).

so, any suggestions? thanks! :wink:

I’ve never used that, but it’s pretty!

Those are lovely. If you can wait to get it watch for coupons and take them to the store so you can use lots. Sounds like a great plan. Now I have to see the videos to see how the different size squares are done. :slight_smile:

so does that seems like a reasonable yarn? and the technique is so easy - love those cheryl brunette vids! :wink:

Reasonable. That’s a toughie. It’s machine wash and dry, that’s good. The colors are gorgeous, that’s good. It’s got good feedback for not pilling so much, that’s good. I’d have to see it for myself and really look at it. I saw it in the store but I sort of had blinders on and didn’t look closely at it. See if it has a tight twist, that helps a whole lot with the fuzz and pill problems. Costwise, your call. I had to go with super durable when I chose what I just bought because this blanket will be shared with kitties and doggies and has to stand up to rough treatment. I know the girl it’s for and love her dearly so it has to last and will undoubtedly get pulls from claws so I went for cheap too. The one you make probably won’t get such rough treatment.

umm… lol… no. the blanket i’d make would be folded over the back of a couch in a mostly-adults and pet-free house, for occasional use when there’s a chill in the air. it might end up in the guest room at times. but i’ll definitely check the twist on that yarn, maybe get a skein, and do a gauge/wash test on it.

my 2nd thought was hobby lobby’s ‘i love this cotton,’ which with the 40% off coupon would only cost about $2.15 including tax, and they’ve got a range of colors… but i don’t know about the pilling, so would definitely have to gauge/wash.

The Deborah Norville yarn should be great for this.

I’ve been drooling over this.

that’s a nice set for a block or stripe blanket…

It’s dk weight so if I got it for an afghan I’d use it double. That’s the main reason I haven’t ordered it already.

I wouldn’t use an all cotton yarn, but a blend would be okay. I think the one you selected would work work and the colors are pretty. If you can go to a Joanne or other store and look at them and see if the feel is what type you want.

The beauty of mitered squares and log cabin square blankets is you can really use any weight and fiber. Just be consistent with your stitch count so they’ll be easy to seam if you need to.

Go to Ravelry and take a look all the gorgeous blankets and yarns they used.

here’s the yarn. You can do a through the projects to see what the yarn looks like. Filter for blankets if you want, too.

thanks for the suggestions, and the links - helps me narrow down my choices, for sure! :wink:

Thanks for the link to those gorgeous blankets, Jan! The photos make me want to run right out and start one today.
X, I like your idea of the swatch. It’ll give you an idea of how the colors work and how the knit fabric feels. This is going to be fun.