Yarn for headband

I recently purchased some beautiful yarn spun from raw silk - just enough for a nice scarf and a little extra. With the little extra, I was thinking of knitting a heandband. I thought I might weave in something with a little more elasticity than the silk yarn. Can anyone offer ideas of what I should look for in a headband yarn? Or is this style pretty out-of-date and should I think about making a long thin scarf to tie around my daughter’s hair (teenager). Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks so much!!

I’ve never done a headband so I’m not sure. Maybe you can look here and see what they’ve used and maybe find a cute pattern.

Knitting Pattern Central

Thanks so much for the link! There are tons of great ideas - I think scrunchies might be the way to go, but there’s lots to choose from! :smiley: