Yarn for charity

He took the yarn store out of there…

But you still see the ad to buy yarn and im screenshotting these because hes removing them as i mention it…

I see the arrow, but I’ve not seen more than that even before you replied. I clicked on all the links including YouTube and Etsy. The site says all proceeds benefit Caring Caps. :shrug:

The owner is a she… Natalie Barton and I’ve emailed her ask for info.

i can understand that but my issue is still they ask for yarn and sell it

but just forget i ever said anything…

And apparently still a teenager though her family has got behind the project too.

Well there doesn’t seem to be any proof this site is reselling the donated yarn.

I think I might understand how you got the idea the yarn is being resold, Bubba. There is a screen at the site linked to that says Visit The Yarn Store but I can’t figure out how you get to a site that is selling yarn from there, I don’t know what yarn store they mean. Someone earlier wrote:

I’m sorry but I hesitate every time I see requests like this. It may not be a legitimate organization, but someone seeking free yarn that will in turn be sold on Ebay for profit.

If I have any concerns it would be how do we verify that any person or group is affiliated with the Caring Caps group or actually sending them on. I could link to any site and say this is what I’m going to do with whatever I’m asking for.

I did send an email, GG. However, I’ve checked all the links on that page, her YouTube page and her FB page. All her proceeds on Etsy go to the charity. I’m pretty sure it’s legitimate. I saw it was a registered nonprofit, too. I’ll post what I find out about the yarn store.

i HAD the link but (il try to find again)
but it says page was taken down or doesnt exist (and it was in my history)

I just read what I wrote, Jan, and I didn’t say what I meant. Instead of “have” I meant “had” and failed to follow up by saying you’re looking at all these things. I’m sorry.

No problem! :thumbsup: