Yarn for Cerus Scarf

Hi Ladies and Gents!

I’ve fallen in love with the linen stitch and thought of making the Cerus scarfas found on ravelry.

Now I’m looking for a matching variegated yarn, that is:

a) in black-greys or navy-blues (as it’s for a man)

and b) very soft and non-itchy (so just wool is out of the question), but still affordable.

So far I’ve only found Lang Yarns Nova, which isn’t variegated, but thanks to the camel very, very soft and luxurious while still being kinda affordable.
Another possibility is the Lang Yarns Novena, which is a bit scratchier, but there is a black-grey variegated version.

Does anybody have any other ideas?

yarn.com has a lot of yarns on closeout - might be able to find something you like there.

I’ve just knit a scarf in Super Tajmahal which is a lovely soft yarn that knits at about the same gauge (5-5.5/inch). It feels wonderful and is very nice to knit with.

@miccisue: Thanks, I’ll have a look there. I hope they ship here.

@salmonmac: Hmm, was that yarn in your stash? I’ve just checked yarndex.com and there it’s listed as discontinued. Too bad, it looked lovely!

I see another visit to a LYS in my near future…poor me! :mrgreen:

That’s odd. I just bought some yesterday at the LYS. It’s not listed as discontinued at Ravelry, or at least not yet.

That is odd. I saw this, and the “super” is missing from the title (plus, it seems a slightly finer yarn), so I guess that might be the predecessor. I’ll be on the look out for that one then!

You’re probably right.
You can also look at the projects on the right of the Ravelry page and see which yarns have been used. The Notes with each project may even comment on the yarn quality.

I went to a LYS, but they didn’t have a wide variety of variegated yarns. So I decided to stick with the Nova by Lang Yarns in 3 different grays.

Thanks for your help!

That’s how it looks like now (not a 100% happy with the stripe-y look, but I think the recipient might like it, he’s very…organised. :teehee: ):

I like it too. The grey tones are very good looking and the stitching is beautiful.

Thank you, salmonmac!

I should be able to finish it this weekend (when and if I find the motivation!)