Yarn for beginners

is it a best kinda of yarn for beginners, or do it matter??

i have some yarn, it say acrylin(98%) and polyester(2%)
but for some reason my work comes out a lil frizzy,wh??
do i just need more paractice

I say yes you need more practice, but there are nice cheap yarns for beginners. My first choice would be Caron’s simply soft which you can find in any Micael’s or joanne fabrics. it’s cheap, about 2.50 a skein, soft, and acrilic which means it will wash. Many of our more experienced knitters use it (me too) still for baby items and blankets because of the nice washing effect. I would stay away from 100% cotton because it doesn’t stretch when doing the stitches which is hard for a new knitter.
Other than that whatever you fancy I say!:yay:

i bought my 7 year old some caron simply soft to learn with…
I learned how with Caron SS, and i learned how to crochet with Red Heart super saver.

A lot of the acrylics are a little fuzzy and working with them can increase it. They are a great yarn too start with though because of the cost, ease of care and they are attractive.
If you want a smooth look in your knitting take a closer look in the yarn section of your local stores and notice how smooth or fuzzy the yarn is in the skein and choose what suits you.

I would suggest a light color - much easier to see your stitches than with a dark color like black, navy, burgundy, forest green, etc.

A light, soft, worsted weight yarn is best IMO. Caron Simply Soft is a good choice.

i thought about that but i have pink.