Yarn for Anthropologie capelet

Well DD14 has FINALLY found a shrug that we both agree on :shock: !! She likes the Anthropologie Capelet. The Rowan Polar is discontinued and I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a substitute. I was hoping for cotton or cotton blend and something I might be able to find at my LYS. I have to hurry before she chamges her mind! :lol:

I made one of them not too long ago.

I used Bernat Softee Chunky, and it turned out fine. It’s 100% acrylic though.

I used plymouth Encore and it worked out wonderful.

Did you you Encore Chunky? The gauge is 3 sts to 1" for the sweater. I was just wondering if I should be looking for a worsted or a chunky. Thanks so much,

You would want to go chunky or hold 2 worseted weights together. I did mine smaller as it was for a little girls size 8.

I used Knit Picks Sierra

It’s sooooooooo soft!! :inlove:

That’s what I used too. I love Sierra!

Thanks everyone! I just ordered from KP before I decided to make this. I’m going to go to my LYS and see if they have a Sierra equivalent.

That’s what I used too. I love Sierra![/quote]

And that’s why I used it! Amber is my knitting idol that I copy off of! :rofling:

Keep us updated-I’m always curious to see all the different yarns everyone uses!

I’ve made two with Red Heart Bijou; it’s a nylon/wool/mohair/metallic blend. It’s maybe a little itchy before you wash it, but I think the yarn is really nice to look at and it comes out nice and warm.

knit-errant, that is so cute! I made one with Jo-Ann Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto Yarn and it worked out well.

I want to do one for my size 2 daughter-in-law. I need advice about adjusting for her tiny frame. I don’t think the existing pattern for a sm/med will be small enough. It is a surprize so I can’t take measurements! Thanks.
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I found Misti Alpaca Chunky in the most beautiful sage green! It’s perfect and soooo soft. I’d like to make one for my 9YO. Emeraldcutie, what number of stitches did you use? What yarn?
Knit-errant I see you made a small one too. What did you do/use?

I used Red Heart Bijou for both of the ones I made. For mine, I used US size 11 needles; for my daughter’s (girls size 6-7) I used 10s. By using the smaller needles, it scaled down without me having to rework any math, which is pretty much cool to me. :thumbsup:

You could follow the pattern and use worsted weight instead of chunky yarn. That would definitely make it smaller. If you have a chance to measure some size 2 garments at a store, that would also give you some measurements to shoot for.


Thank you everyone! I am using Cascade Luna and size 11 needles and the neck measurement came out to about 2" smaller than small/medium so I think it will be about right. We have an Anthropologie store here in Charlotte so I may just go measure an extra small sweater too!! The sales person will know it isn’t for me!!! :roflhard:

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I am going to use some old Lionbrand Jiffy. It is hideous, but I am stash busting and my sister likes it. So whatever. Something I can make someone from my own stash. Sweet.

Ooooh, I like Jiffy! And they’ve got some new colors out - including a deep rose and dark moss green. Really pretty!


I want to be clear that I have nothing against jiffy. It was just the color that I was referring to as hideous. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, I see. Yes, the wrong color may be perfect for someone else.