Yarn for a shawl

I am trying to locate a pattern and cotton yarn for a shawl that I saw in a store in Florida… It is made in a long rectangle with three buttons and a button hole worn off set so it is not even around the shoulders,the buttons lay against left shouder and the right side is brought up to middle button so that the effect is asymmertical .It is made from a good cotton yarn which I can’t find and also need pattern…Thank you

That sounds like the Three Way Wrap. You can find the pattern on Ravelry. I think that it’s a Loops pattern. Also, I wouldn’t use your email address as your user name. The wrong people could get ahold of it.

I think the pattern is the 3 Button Wrap. There are a couple of patterns for it, both use bulky, but you can adapt it. It’s basically a stockinette rectangle with one buttonhole and 3 buttons placed along an edge at one end. I’m not sure which cotton you’re looking for, the shop may have just used one they carry and the original was made with something else. If you have the name of the shop, perhaps you can call them and ask what yarn they used, and which pattern.

Oooh, good catch on the email/username. That’s really not a good idea, lyndah; spambots search forums looking for email addresses.

I found some free patterns that are similar, and as I said, it’s pretty easy to wing it.