Yarn Etiquette (baby gift)?

Hi, All.

I’m knitting baby booties for the first time and will probably attempt a hoodie or something as well (baby due in the fall, so I have plenty of time to practice).

I’m wondering if there is a yarn etiquette for baby stuff. I am working with acrylic now, but thought perhaps I should use cotton or something natural for the actual gift. Yes no?

Input appreciated!


I don’t know if it really matters that much - what matters most to me, as a mother of small children, is machine washable!! Definitely a must.

I agree that machine washable is best but I LOVE cotton baby items–if you choose the right yarn–it’s sooooo soft and touchable!

If you choose acrylic–just make sure it’s a soft acrylic like Caron Simply Soft!

As long as it’s soft and washable it doesn’t matter IMO.

Cottons… Bernat Cottontots, KP Shine, etc…

Acrylics… Caron Simply soft, Bernat Softee baby

Having not worked with cotton, will the item shrink? Can it be machine washed and dried? Those would be my main concerns. I personally like to use soft acrylic because of the ease of care.