Yarn dyeing

I heard you can use cake frosting to dye wool yarn and roving?! Is this true? and if so does anyone know what kind I would need :shrug: I am going to walmart and I was going to pick some up :teehee:

I never heard of using cake frosting itself to dye (isn’t there way too much sugar in there?), but I know some people have used the gel dyes that are used to tint frosting - Wilton’s is the brand that comes to mind. Any craft or other store that sells cake making supplies would have it - JoAnn’s, Michael’s, etc. It’s very concentrated, probably has little to no sugar in it and I think is only good for natural fibers (mohair, wool, etc., but not cotton).

[color=indigo]The color in frosting would be way to subtle. Food coloring, and the paste coloring made by Wilton + vinegar works great though. I’ve also used Jell-o, but again the coloring was way to subtle for me. The sugar rinses out, btw, so it’s no biggie. :teehee: [/color]

Thanx everyone…now that ya mention it it wasn’t cake frosting :teehee: Does anyone have any recommendations on dyeing roving and yarn with these. I tried food coloring and vinegar on some roving and most of it washed out, any ideas as to why?

This page might help you.