Yarn driving me potty - help!


I bought myself some lovely looking Rowan handspun 4ply (100g grey 100g teal) thinking that it would make some lovely socks i could give to people at christmas.

I wanted to try cables for the first time so i found a nice basic cabled sock pattern, wound my yarn, checked the guage and off i went … or so i thought.

Attempt 1: cast on. fine. knit first 4 rounds. fine. go to knit round 5. gone wrong!! could i figure out where though? of course not. ribbit says the frog :frog:

Attempt 2: cast on knit first round. realise i havt cast on enough stitches. frog :frog:

Attempt 3: cast on correct number of stitches! knit first round. go to do the second round, not so bad so far, then for no aparant reason yarn snaps!! i manage to repair it but not neatly (doesnt seem to felt well). carry on knitting to end of round but realise that theres a bit of a gap between needles 1 and 3 (which isnt normal for me on DPNs) so on the first stitch i give it a good tug to try and sort it out. yarn snaps. last couple of stitches vanish into thin air! try and repair it but cant this time. not enough ‘tail’ to felt and cant tie it and now theres a big hole where my lovely ribbing was frog :frog: :waah:

What is going on. am i cursed? dumb? is this yarn normally hard to knit with? maybe thats why it was on sale …

What to do what to do

I feel your pain. :hug:

I haven’t used Rowan so I’m afraid I can’t give any advice on the yarn. But I do know how frustrating it is to have a project give you fits.

I don’t think you are dumb or cursed, just stick with it. Don’t let the knitting win the battle.:teehee:

You can do it!!!

Sounds like the yarn isn’t all that strong (ok, pretty obvious statement).

I think you’re having the same bad knitting day I was having a couple of days ago when nothing would go right. I just set it aside and tried again the next day and everything went fine.

I have heard that the Rowan summer tweed is fragile like that, so maybe your yarn is too- I’m so sorry!!! deep breathing, try again…

Iv had a couple of days away from it and i will have another go tonight i think. just so frustrating!
Thank for the encouragement though.

On a practical note, what is the best way of dealing with yarn that snaps part way through your work, particularly if it is very close to, or on, a stitch?

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with this sock! But what I can’t understand is why it’s “driving you [I]potty[/I]”? :teehee:

I do believe that is a British term for batting, bananas, crazy. I might be wrong, but I have heard it used in that type of way.