Yarn donation

Hi all,

When my best friend Nancy died 3.5 years ago, I inherited all of her yarn. And she was a yarn slut! LOL. I kept every ball and hank as part of my grieving process.

With time and distance, and repeatedly rummaging through her stash looking for projects to knit, I’ve come to realize that while all of it is very nice, most of the colors aren’t what I would choose. Most of it is fingering yarn (she taught me to knit socks).

I’d like to donate to someone who enjoys knitting socks but is unable to afford yarn. I’m willing to ship free of charge to someone as well.

Does anybody know a website where I can put this yarn up for grabs? And if anybody on this site who lives in the US would like it, please let me know.

I’ll be working on organizing it and photographing it because who would want yarn without pictures?

Thank you,

That’s so kind of you to look for a good home for this yarn.
If you’d like to donate the yarn to a charity, CareWear Volunteers is based in Frederick, MD and they really appreciate yarn donations. The yarn is distributed and knit or crocheted into items for hospitals and other institutions. Sometimes fingering weight is used doubled for blankets, dolls, shawls and other needed items.
I knit for them and go to their Make a Difference Day get togethers. It’s a wonderful group.

i know nationally, the salvation army has been doing sock drives during various fall/winter seasons. socks are the #1 requested item for charity groups, homeless shelters, etc. some years they’ve gotten corporate help (hanes) but they love receiving handmade pairs from concerned knitters as well. that might be a nice way for friendly folks to help use up the stash and honor nancy at the same time. info for that at http://blog.salvationarmyusa.org/tag/hanes/ .

after going through all the work of photographing/cataloging the yarns, i wonder if people would be willing to spring for the shipping themselves, or at least meet you halfway? i’ll be watching your posts for sure - it would be nice to do something civic/humanitarian with this skill!

-X :wink:

I would love to have any of the sock or fingering yarn if any is still available.

I would love for you to give us the yarns because my mom and I are willing to knit and crochet for those people who cannot afford socks or etc.

don’t forget about socks for seniors… they’re based out of ohio, but work nationally. have even been featured in USA today. they’re collecting until christmas eve. http://www.socksforseniors.com/find/ has an interactive map followed by a state-by-state list of collection sites.