Yarn diet.well, more like fasting. HELP!

so i didn’t start knitting until february this year.and found out (two weeks late) there is a fiber fair (?) in tacoma annualy. i made a promise to dh that i would make one last $60 purchase and then stash bust until next january. yikes. so i am asking, do you think i should buy up some blanks from kp, or a co-op peace fleece order? either would make me happy. i just can’t make a decision. i am in your hands!


ok well, thanks for the 4 votes (all for kp:) ) off to cancel my co-op order and browse kp :cheering:
thanks jan, i didn’t realize i was confusing…:aww:
ok. i get one last order to tide me over for about 6 months (poor me ;-)) i get to spend no more than $60. so i need thoughts on this since either option would be great for me. i could buy a bunch of peace fleece yarn through my co-op, or a bunch of KP bare.and it just dawned on me that i could order the options set and still be ok too. :doh: see why i need help? :teehee: i can’t make up my own mind! Thanks!

It’s only been posted for three hours or so which doesn’t give much time. I barely understand the question though or the poll… :??

so… you can either buy $ 60 now at KP… or fleece peace coop~

can you save the $ 60 for the fiber fair … or did you miss it by the 2 weeks…
IM CONFUSED~!:shrug:

I think if you had a third option on your poll as “Don’t Know” you would see a lot more responses. That’s how I would have voted.:oo:

I hope this does not sound too dumb but what is coop peace fleece???

ditto… huh?? :shrug: :eyes:

Ok – this is what I think Jean is saying:

She has $60 to spend on yarn.

She can’t decide on whether to spend her money on some bare yarns from KnitPicks or on some Peace Fleece.

Right, Jean?

Personally, I think either choice will be a good one. Dyeing yarn is fun and you can get plenty of it from KP but that yarn from Peace Fleece looks yummy.


Peace fleece… they have some cool looking stuff and the colors on thier yarn just POPS~!:thumbsup:

I’d go KP bare - it’s a two-fer to me: that way you get dying pleasure AND knitting pleasure. You might get a little more bang for your buck too - I like quantity, particularily when KP’s quality seems pretty equal to peace fleece. I do like peace fleece, though, and the colors are very nice … I have a skein of ancient fern - it’s really pretty …
And you know - if you need support stash busting, I probably should do a bit of dieting too - I"ve taken to sneaking the orders and new yarns into the house for fear of disparaging remarks from dh :aww:. He doesn’t understand … he just doesn’t:shrug:.

mine too! :teehee: my last couple of orders have been fairly small… two skeins of wool silk form MCY on ebay(will be a scarf probably!), and a fairly big, but great steal!, from discontinuedyarn.com for baby blanket gifts. so last night i decided to order a 4oz ball of zephyr wool-silk in ebony. tomorrow i am probably going to place an order with KP, even though i am totaly in love with the Laura’s Coral color (actualy, most of peace fleece’s colors!):heart: and tyhen i am done, and saving up for January :happydance:

OOO - wool silk! :heart:
My so-called diet only lasts until October and Stitches East(!). As of my last order, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anthing else before then, (I even got some dye and bare to try dying my own!)but … a week later, and already I’m thinking one little skein wouldn’t be so bad.:teehee: Good luck to you!!

that’s where i mess up everytime [I]“oh, just one little bitty skein”[/I] but not this time! i am hoping to have enough cash saved up to take a class or two as well as shop a bunch too :mrgreen:

Present the situation to DH this way - :teehee:

I’m buying thus-n-such yarn to make a gift for so-n-so’s birthday next month… :whistle:

Then knit away and have the gift giving situation solved! :knitting: