Yarn delima

I am in a serious pickle!! I have found the pattern that I love to make a purse, however it calls for RedHeart Zoomy yarn. I cannot find it anywhere. Any suggestions on which yarns would be a good substi:knitting: tute? Here is the link on the pattern I am wanting to use: http://www.coatsandclark.com/NR/rdonlyres/7D59B0B8-60A2-4F2F-A75A-A406AF6F9B53/93677/WR1674.pdf

It’s a super bulky that knits at about 10-12sts/4 inches. Look for other yarns in that weight category. On the Webs site there are a couple of choices for example.

Cute purse pattern. It should be a lot of fun and fast to do in such thick yarn.

That’s a cute bag ! I don’t have a specific yarn to suggest b/c I don’t tend to like knitting with bulky yarns. However, if you go to the yarn store and look at other bulky yarns and the guage they give you on the wrapper, that will give you a good idea of yarns you can use. Also, the nice thing about knitting purses and bags is that the guage does not have to be exact. By picking another yarn your purse may be a little larger or a little smaller than pictured and you can adjust for that by adding/subtracting rows etc.

Since you’re not making a garment, finding the EXACT same yarn isn’t as essential in this case. Make sure your new yarn has these “qualifications”:

The label says "Super Bulky"
The label has a #6
The yarn itself is nice and smooth (not one of those furry or fuzzy ones)

Something else that’s important is getting the right amount of the equivalent yarn. In your pattern, you need 4 balls of Zoomy, which would be 332 yards altogether. Whatever new yarn you choose, make sure you get at least that much.

Happy knitting!!!