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Dear All,
I am new here and happy to have found you!
I live in Egypt, am a relatively competent knitter, but have to rely on free downloadable patterns for the kind of thing I want to knit. I can get a limited selection of yarns, needles etc, but with the yarns of course I can never get exactly the right one.

My latest project is an afghan/lap throw which calls for “worsted weight acrylic yarn”. There is nothing in the shops here that says “worsted” on the label, and as the pattern gauge is with 2 strands of yarn held together I am at a bit of a loss where to start!

Any suggestions on what might work instead of “worsted”? The sample project on the pattern was knitted with Red Heart Classic (100% acrylic) from Coats and Clark on 9mm needles. I would be happy to use something other than acrylic as well.

TIA :knitting:

Hi, and welcome to KH.

This isn’t a technically correct answer, but I would start by looking at the gauge given in the pattern and see what I have or is available for purchase that would give me the same number of stitches over the inches or centimeter specified. Worsted weight yarn is pretty thick and worked as a single strand gives 4-5 stitches per inch. Here’s a Yarn Comparison Chart that might be helpful.

Two strands of the worsted weight would make a very bulky/chunky yarn, though I’d knit it with 10 mm rather than 9. If you have very thick yarn you could use a single strand of it, or if you have thinner yarn, you can use 3 strands together. Try out different combinations until you get a fabric you like that isn’t too densely knit or too thin. You might use 2 strands of a thinner yarn, and smaller needles, like 7 or 8mm and increase the number of sts to make the same size afghan.

Hello DEgypt - welcome to this incredible website (far more useful for me than revelry, which I also like).

I’d be thinking about a 10 or even 12 ply yarn. But acrylic? Mmmm, not a fan personally.

How is your project going now?

David, I would rather steer clear of acrylic too - hence the request for ideas of an alternative :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input everyone :muah:

Have you tried looking on the Ravelry.com website? It is a free-to-join website for knitters and crocheters that enables you to store information about your projects, patterns, tools, etc. It also has hundreds of free patterns you can download as well as patterns you can buy and download. In addition, it has a [I]very [/I]extensive yarn database, which you can search through by yarn weight, fiber content (e.g., acrylic, alpaca, etc.), and other criteria. Just sign-up and go to the Yarn tab and enter the yarn recommended by the pattern. On that yarn’s page, click the little round
symbol at the end of the Weight field to see a chart that will give you the Wraps per Inch (WPI) for the recommended yarn. That may help you find a yarn to substitute. This is a link (http://www.nancysknitknacks.com/wpi_tool.htm) to a WPI tool. The page lists the dimensions of the WPI tool (just scroll down the page a little) so you can make one of your own if necessary.

The tools are no doubt handy, but you can also wrap yarn around a needle, pencil or ruler to figure wraps per inch.